I'm A Plant


What Is I'm A Plant?

I'm A Plant is a a new brand of totally compostable products launching with our 100% plant based water bottle, but what does that entail?


  • 100% Compostable bottle, cap, safety ring, and label!
  • 100% plant biomass plastic!
  • ZERO petroleum based plastic! 
  • Breaks down in months not years!
  • No micro plastic when broken down!
  • Uses the heat in landfills, industrial composters,  and eco digesters to break down!  

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I'm a Plant Lets You Dispose On Your Own Terms.

I'm A Plant decomposes in variety of ways! here is a helpful guide of the do's and don'ts of composting the bottle. 

The Do's:

  • Put it in a compost receptacle that takes it to an industrial composter!

  • HEAT IS KEY!!! If you want to compost at home pour hot water on it to help break it down in personal sized composters!

  • Burn it! it burns clean with no odor and no harmful chemicals with the same BTU's as Wood. Careful of the sharp edges when it melts however! 

  • Let an eco digester's  micro bacteria do the work! The ideal mixture of heat moisture and oxygen lets bacteria break down I'm A Plants compostable bottle.  

  • Throw it in the land fill or anywhere you dispose of foodwaste!  Since I'm a plant is completely made of plant material it breaks down just like any other produce product!

The Don'ts:

  • DO NOT RECYCLE!!!!!  This cannot be stressed enough! Since I'm A Plant is made from plants and not petroleum, it does not mix with PTE plastic and would ruin the other plastics it mixed with in the recycling process!

  • Don't leave it in a hot car or in places with extreme heat! Since heat is the key to breaking it down, exposing it to hot environments before you want it to break down can cause the bottle to become misshapen and leak!  


  • Don't litter! While this bottle will break down faster than a plastic bottle ever will, it requires heat and proper disposal of the grey water it turns into! 

  • Do not ingest! While the material I'm A Plant is made from itself is safe to digest, melted chunks of it can be very sharp and hard and cause internal problems (and it wont taste very good).  

  • Do not intend to store for very long periods of time! I'm A Plant starts to plane and degrade around the 6 month mark in a room temperature environment.  Treat it like you  would produce.

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